THIS FUNDRAISING PROGRAM IS NOT CURRENTLY ACTIVEThis page is for ALL the Brethren of the Lodge to inspect on their own before it is voted on and implemented.

If you have any ides, question, concerns or comments of any kind, please contact the Lodges Master and Wardens here.

Taunton Temple Corp. Membership Rewards

A Fundraising Program for Brethren and Their Family’s that Include Exclusive Perks and Benefits

A unique fundraising model that will support our Lodge Building.

Giving us the power of a stable income stream to continue making repairs and larger improvements.

Help us build a Temple that we can all be proud to call our Mother Lodge and make the experience of visiting King David Lodge worth traveling back to.

Rewards Include

  • Exclusive Merch
  • Exclusive Discounts
  • Free Tickets to Events
  • Auto-Entries for the Sweepstakes
  • Free Meals at Reg. Meetings
  • And More Coming! 

What is the Taunton Masionic Temple Corporation?

Technically, we are a the owners of the building who sit on a committee of active Brethren, who take care of every aspect of property management.

We are responsible for maintaining the lodge and its expenses so the Lodge remains operational.

We also have a focus on improving the lodge experience for all our visitors in order to increase membership and retention. 

What are our goals?

Of course the basic maintenance and repair is priority but we want to thrive and not just survive.

First, cover all basic maintenance and repair costs.

Second, make every improvement to our current space as we plan.

Third, become consistently stable and profitable enough to TAKE BACK the parts of the building that we currently lease out to generate income.

Why should I become a member, even if I won't be using some of the Rewards?

Even if you won’t be immediately getting to take advantage of some rewards because you are out of the area or simply don’t have the time at this point in your life, you will still be helping the lodge improve for when you are able to come visit with your Brethren again. 

This Quarters Sweepstakes

All Subscribers are automatically entered to win a new Prize every 3 months.

The drawing will happen and the winner will be announced at our Regular Communications Meeting. 

The new drawing will be for this super cool Wi-Fi Drone with HD Camera!

$250 Value!

Current Renovations and Progress Photo Gallery

Check back Here Regularly to See the Progress and Improvements We Get to Make Because of Your Membership!

Front Porch

Currently being rebuilt.

Interior Lights

Replacing old light fixtures with modern, energy efficient fixtures.


All new toilets have been installed. 

Stair Lift

Replaced with part of a gracious donation by The Odd Fellows. 

Monthly Membership Packages and Rewards

New Rewards will be added as they become available to us! See Terms and Conditions Below.

Automatic Monthy Donations with PayPal or any debit or credit card.

Please choose a package that is within the length of your cable-tow.

This money will go into our general fund of Taunton Masonic Temple Corp.

Rewards subject to change with availability.

Members will receive ALL NEW EXTRA REWARDS as we create them to help keep your subscription valuable for you.

If it falls out of your budget at any point, you can simply Unsubscribe below.